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Time to stop

doubting yourself!

Time to stop

making excuses!



How many Monday's are

you going to let go by?

How many times will you

SAY you're going to

"get going", but never do?

Aren't you a little tired

of the same ole same ole

decisions and outcomes? 

Allow us to SHOW YOU

why our members are

dedicated DAILY and

become addicted to

LOVING themselves again!


What's left for you to do?



That's it!




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What you need to know...

This program is the REAL DEAL!  This is not Planet Fitness or LA Fitness or Bally's or any of the large corporate chains!  We don't have a rule book.  We go against the grain.  We are unorthodox.  We push the envelope.  We get down to business.  We don't toy around with your time...your valuable time!  We are not here to dance.  We are not here to play games, yet we do have an AMAZING time!  We are here to TRAIN.  YOU are stronger than you know.  WE will tap into that.  We will create a SUPERHERO out of you.  We are relentless.  We train you to be resilient.  We train you to be PHENOMENAL, not just "good enough".  Our Fit Club PUSHES you to new limits.  We are UNAFRAID to get dirty with you and we will take you to THAT level!  This is the kind of training program you only see on TELEVISION!  Highly effective, highly impactful trainers and training implementation that will kick you into high gear and have you seeing a side of yourself you may have never met before!  A program of this magnitude ranges anywhere from $250 to $500 PER MONTH in many states.  At Inferno Fitness, we keep our training affordable at $99 to $149.  We keep our costs low, we EXCEED goals, and we deliver a BEYOND phenomenal jaw dropping product YOU can be proud of.  We BELIEVE in people! We restore hope in people!  We put capes on backs and push them to the sky!  Join us for the revolution in fitness!  Join us for one Award Winning body and life changing experience!




    The only person holding you back

    from greatness is YOU!  Make a

    decision TODAY that you'll stop

    making excuses, stop doubting

    yourself, and take action for the

    body and health you desire!  





    • EBN Trainer of the Year 2012
    • Business of the Week, Fox 17 News 2012
    • Featured on Fox 17 News Nashville - 2012
    • TOMC Nashville Best Gym 2013 - 3rd Place
    • TOMC Nashville Best Gym 2014 - 2nd Place
    • Featured on Fox 5 News Atlanta - 2015
    • Invented MOJO MELT Locally - 2016
    • MOJO MELT International Status - 2016
    • Featured on NBC in New York - 2016
    • Click here for MOJO MELT info
    • Guaranteed and unbeatable incredible results
    • Founded by Decorated Army Combat Veteran
    • Elite Talented Trainers at Several Locations
    • Phenomenal pricing & BANG for Buck
    • Successful meal plans for successful clients
    • Nationally recognized Boot Camp training style
    • A total body program that'll TRANSFORM you
    • All fitness levels are welcome 



    Does your gym take you to

    Florida for fun in the sun? 

    We do!