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We will help you find your wings!  We will empower you to FLY!  We are a Multiple Award Winning fitness conglomerate with a massive following of over 15,000 men and women worldwide online and a combined 2,450 local members in 5 Locations in Tennessee, Georgia, and Mississippi!  Featured on NBC, ABC, Fox 17 News Nashville, Fox 5 News Atlanta, and numerous national radio stations for excellence in boot camp fitness transformations, utmost dedication to HIGH small business standards, and dedication to health & wellness!




Inferno Fitness will get you back into incredible shape, boost your confidence, and restore your energy! Wouldn't it be nice to just...get your energy back? Get your BODY back? You're gonna fall in love with fitness again! We will show you how to eat right, follow a precise effective meal plan, and truly achieve the results you've been seeking!

Inferno Fitness is a nationally recognized, Multiple AWARD WINNING Body Transformation program offering amazing high energy and high intensity boot camps 4-5 days per week for the duration of your program. We do NOT do contracts or auto-debit! Ever! YOU have freedom to choose your program as you desire as time goes on. So, if you choose a 4 week program, you are with us for 4 weeks. If you choose an 8 week program, you are with us for 8 weeks! Same applies to a 6 month or 1 Year Program (for serious people seeking serious results!)  You are unlimited on your fitness sessions with us!  Sky is the limit!


NO BODY SHAMING, NO JUDGING, NO INTIMIDATION, 100% all fitness levels, sizes, shapes, and genders WELCOME!  You'll never find an environment SO welcoming, so supportive, or so positive towards YOU, just the way you are.  We are only here to empower you to be your BEST self, no matter where you start! Our members are 120 lbs, 220 lbs, 420 lbs!  If there's a WILL, there's a WAY!  Our members are simply AMAZING inside and out and their amazingness is ALL we see!  Some are curvy, some are thin, some are athletic, some are fit, some are fluffy, some are voluptuous, some are beginner fitness levels, some are advanced fitness levels!  NO MATTER their current status, one thing is for sure: they are ALL downright FOCUSED and hard working in our gym!


Caleb Sprinkles, Nashville TN Head Trainer

Pj Legreair, Atlanta Head Trainer

Tiffany, Nashville Assistant Trainer

Tiffany, Nashville Assistant Trainer


Quan Starling, Covington GA Head Trainer




 In 1 Hour, you'll run, sprint, LIFT WEIGHTS, curl, press, sit up, push ups, snatch weights, snatch kettlebells, snatch barbells, develop tone, increase your strength and endurance, activate several muscle groups simultaneously, boost your metabolism, catapult your fat loss process, and see a side of yourself you never thought possible! SO WHAT, you haven't worked out in a long time?  SO WHAT, you don't know how to do a push up!  What are you gonna do?  Keep persecuting yourself for it? You gotta accept where you are as a TEMPORARY situation and forgive yourself for getting out of shape.  NOW it's time to do something about it! Now is the time to take action.  Now is the time to turn your situation around! You are worth it!  You are CAPABLE of greatness!  STOP holding yourself back!  



Atlanta GA

Lake City GA

Covington GA

Nashville TN

Jackson MS


You see, things are VERY different in a boot camp setting.  Boot Camps are ALL about teamwork cohesion and empowering others!  In our Boot Camp, you are not alone and someone will ALWAYS be there to catch you when you fall and PUSH YOU when you're losing your fire!  When you workout by yourself at "whatever that gym was that you used to go to"... you probably weren't motivated.  You were bored out of your mind.  You didn't push yourself like you SHOULD have because you didn't have anyone by your side!  NOT AT INFERNO FITNESS!  Here, not only will the TRAINERS push you... but the people standing to your left and right in the same boat with you are going to push you too!  This fitness family will hold you accountable, empower you, and make you feel like an absolute SUPERHERO that can do ANYTHING!  The word IMPOSSIBLE simply doesn't exist at Inferno Fitness!  




 "Strength does not come from

physical capacity.

It comes from

an indomitable will."

Mahatma Gandhi




Jo Williams, Owner & Founder.  One of the most sought after fitness professionals.  Extensive track record for results and the most elaborate and unique training style that encompasses not only training but also brute mental discipline, utmost resilience, and psychological fortitude.


  • U.S. Army OIF I, OIF II, & OIF III Combat Veteran
  • Former Air Assault Leader/Air Assault PT Leader
  • Former Army Fitness & Nutrition Liaison
  • U.S. Army Physical Fitness Award
  • Decorated Non-Commissioned Officer
  • Nationally recognized Award Winning Trainer
  • E.B.N. Trainer of the Year - 2012
  • Best Gym Winner - Nashville - 2013
  • Best Gym Winner - Nashville - 2014
  • FOX 17 NEWS  NASHVILLE - 2014
  • FOX 5 NEWS ATLANTA - 2015
  • ABC & NBC - 2016


GI JO started Inferno Fitness in 2010 while living homeless on the streets of Antioch, TN (outside of Nashville TN).  After getting out of the military, Jo fell on hard times resulting in a huge devastating financial loss.  Her setback was only the set up for her BREAK-THROUGH!  With a RESILIENT spirit, she refused to let that stand in her way!


With $12.44 in her pocket - she bought 4 mats off of Craigslist and started Inferno Fitness in a parking lot in February 2010.


She soon convinced 4 people to begin working out with her in the parking lot.  All it took was 4!  4 people turned into 40 within a month, 40 turned into a full scale training facility with over 200 members within 1 year.  Inferno Fitness now spans 3 locations in 3 different states!  


"I have a growing team of some of the BEST most outstanding trainers you'll ever meet!  When you see them - you see ME.  Great leaders don't create more followers, they create MORE LEADERS!  The Inferno Fitness Team is here for YOUR absolute best!  We will never give up on you.  We are here to see you succeed."  -Jo




You WILL achieve your wildest results at Inferno Fitness!  You are just CLICKS away from the most rewarding and INCREDIBLE experience of your life this year!  Let nothing hold you back this time around! 



  • Total Body Training
  • Nutrition
  • Meal Plans
  • Plyometrics
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Weight & Resistance Training
  • Powerlifting Basics
  • Muscle Confusion
  • Tabata
  • Kettlebell Training
  • Jogging/Power Walking
  • Steady State Training
  • Group Hikes
  • Superior fat reduction
  • Superior weight loss
  • Abdominal & Core Training
  • Hip Hop Aerobics
  • Massive Online Facebook Community
  • Online Instagram Community
  • Meet-Up Groups
  • Huge Gym Support
  • Inferno Fitness Apparel
  • Thermogenic Fat Loss Creams
  • Fat Loss Supplementation Consultation
  • And SO MUCH more!









Our programs at all locations are SUPER easy to enroll in!  All you have to do is click your location's option in the drop-down menu, browse the plans, choose the best one for you, and CHECK OUT!  We know, that decision is hard to make... but what will happen if you don't?  How much longer will you be at your current body condition if you don't seek some help and get a program to PUSH YOU now?  This is the best choice!  We assure you!  We look forward to seeing you in camp!


We are very easy to communicate with!  If at any time you have questions, give us a call or shoot us a quick email!  Please allow us 48-72 hours to reply to your correspondence.  Thank you.