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***STEAM (Covington and Lake City) 1 HOUR. is a sweat dripping COMBINATION of everything sassy, saucy, with an attitude generally sweating to the music, feeling the beat, punching kicking, dancing, cardio, calisthenics to the beat, VERY music and beat oriented DEPENDENT UPON the trainer. If it is a dance trained trainer or a trainer who is adept in the "dance" genre (not Zumba) - the class will be very music oriented - intense movements to the beat of the song. If the trainer is NOT a "dance" trained trainer - the class is a pretty stealth combo of calisthenics, aerobics, core, and other cardio exercises NON-STOP. No matter - it is a NON-STOP 1 hour class. Lots of sweat, lots of movement, be prepared to burn mega calories and have a great time. 



**** FIT CAMP Classes (Covington and Lake City) is a combination of both upper body, lower body, and core work that will truly take your mind and body to new heights! 1 HOUR of absolute pure and unadulterated fun, intensity, sweat, empowerment, and everything you need rolled into ONE to get the weight off, get the fat off, and have you FEELING AND LOOKING like a million bucks! Tone, shred, and drip sweat while shaping your quads, biceps, backs, shoulders, thighs, and arms! A non-stop rolling HIGH INTENSITY class for all body types, all shapes, all sizes, all fitness levels. Intervals, circuits, amrap's, and more!



**** HYBRID FIT Class (Covington) is a combination of REBEL MAX program and WEIGHT TRAINING program. It is a 70 MINUTE class. Repeat. This is a 70 Minute Class. It combines Rebel and weight training. 35 minutes rebel and 35 minutes of weight training TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS.  For women and men who don't necessarily have a weight loss or a fat loss, but simply just want to get into INCREDIBLE shape with both cardio and weight training.  Traditional and non-traditional weight lifting techniques will be enforced, you will learn how to tone and shred your body, you will build LEAN muscle in this class, in addition to cutting fat, leaning out, and truly transforming your body.



**** REBEL MAX Class (Covington) is a pretty REBELLIOUS style of cardio that takes all elements of treadmill work, SPIN BIKE work, elliptical work, calisthenics and core work, and often LIGHT weights (3 lbs to 8 lbs) and creates a super sweaty, super calorie burning, super FAT burning environment in a NIGHT CLUB atmosphere under some pretty cool lights with super dope trainers and instructors DEDICATED to pushing you to your max, pushing you to the next level, and getting you excellent fat loss results. 1 HOUR CLASS. (Sprinting, running, walking, power walking, walking on inclines, running on inclines, calisthenics, cardio, aerobics, spin bike work, elliptical intervals, and more.)


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